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Enhance your travel experience with the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card by taking advantage of the annual statement credit of up to $150. This benefit is designed to elevate your stay, whether you’re booking a hotel or a vacation rental through Delta Stays on delta.com.

Maximize Your Annual Statement Credit

Using your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card, you can book prepaid hotels or vacation rentals and receive up to $150 back as a statement credit. This perk makes it easier to budget for accommodations while also adding a touch of luxury to your travels.

How It Works

  • Visit Delta Stays on delta.com.
  • Book your preferred prepaid hotel or vacation rental using your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card.
  • Receive up to $150 in statement credits annually, reducing your overall travel costs.

Why This Benefit Matters

This credit not only saves you money but also provides access to a curated selection of accommodations. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning a special trip, this benefit helps you get more value from your card membership.

Next time you plan a trip, remember to use your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card for a seamless and rewarding experience with Delta Stays. Upgrading your travel has never been so simple and cost-effective!

In-Flight Savings

Traveling can get expensive, but the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card helps ease the strain on your wallet with in-flight savings. This card offers you a 20% savings in the form of a statement credit on select in-flight purchases.

How It Works

Use your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card for eligible in-flight purchases, and you’ll automatically receive a 20% discount credited back to your account. Whether you’re grabbing a bite or refreshing with a drink, these savings help make your flight more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

Eligible Purchases

  • Snacks and meals
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Headphones and other select onboard services

Remember, this benefit is only available when using your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card.

Maximizing Your Benefits

Combine this in-flight savings with other card benefits like free checked baggage and priority boarding for a superior travel experience. Over time, these small savings add up, enhancing your overall travel budget.

Stay tuned for our next section, where we’ll explore how the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card saves you even more with no foreign transaction fees!

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Traveling internationally can be a thrilling experience, but hidden costs can dampen the excitement. With the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card, you can leave one worry behind: foreign transaction fees.

Significant Savings Abroad

When using your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card abroad, you won’t incur any foreign transaction fees. This is a game-changer for frequent travelers who want to maximize their budget without worrying about extra charges sneaking up on them. Typically, these fees can range from 1% to 3% per transaction, which can add up quickly over multiple purchases.

Ease and Convenience

Imagine buying souvenirs, dining at local restaurants, or booking excursions without calculating extra costs. The absence of foreign transaction fees means you can use your card as freely as you do at home. This convenience allows you to focus more on enjoying your trip and less on monitoring your expenses.

Optimizing Your Travel Budget

By eliminating foreign transaction fees, the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card helps you allocate more of your funds towards memorable experiences rather than unnecessary charges. This feature complements other card benefits, making it a robust tool for both business and leisure travel.

Whether you’re hopping between international meetings or exploring new cultures, your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card ensures that every penny counts towards enriching your journey.

Baggage Insurance Plan

Travel more comfortably knowing you can be covered for lost, damaged, or stolen baggage. With the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card, you get peace of mind while traveling, thanks to its comprehensive baggage insurance plan.

Coverage for Carry-On Baggage

Your carry-on baggage is protected up to $1,250. This coverage ensures that even if your personal items are misplaced or damaged during your trip, you’re not left bearing the full burden of replacement costs.

Protection for Checked Baggage

The card also provides coverage for checked baggage up to $500. This means you can rest easy knowing that if your checked luggage goes missing or is damaged, you’ll receive compensation to help replace essential items.

How It Works

  • If your baggage is lost, file a claim through the insurance provider linked to your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business Card.
  • Provide necessary documentation, such as proof of loss and receipts for the items.
  • Receive reimbursement up to the specified coverage limits.

This added layer of security helps ensure your travel experience remains smooth and less stressful.